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2018 Conference Presentations

Statewide Policy Recommendations

Stormwater Capture

Recycled Water

Imported Water

Luncheon Discussion

2016 Conference Presentations

“Weather Report” – Drought, El Niño and La Niña Review; Forecast and Trends
David Biggar, Meteorologist, NBC4 Southern California

Water Supply Conditions Statewide and Locally

Panel 1: Pieces of the Puzzle – Local Projects Coming Together

Panel 2: Water Tomorrow – What is the Plan?

Panel 3: Lessons and Success Stories: The Future of Water Conservation

2014 Conference Presentations

ARE WE READY…Drought Update and Forecast

ARE WE READY…Water Supply Shortages

ARE WE READY…Flooding, Fires and Delta Earthquakes

  • Shane Chapman, Moderator General Manager, Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District
  • Southern California Catastrophic Earthquake Plan – Overview of the Roles of FEMA, Dept. of Defense, State Office of Emergency Services and CUEA
    Don Boland, California Utilities Emergency Assn.
  • Fire and Water – What First Responders Need from the Water Sector in a Major Earthquake Response Jim Frawley, San Marino Fire Chief/L.A. County Fire Chiefs’ Assn.
  • Local Water Provider Perspective on Earthquake Response in the San Gabriel Valley
    Dan Arrighi, San Gabriel Valley Water Company
  • Land of Extremes – From Droughts to Floods
    L.A. County Flood Control Overview of Emergency Flood Operations and the Importance of Infrastructure Maintenance
    Chris Stone, L.A. County Flood Control District

ARE WE READY … Job Losses and Price Increases for Water, Agriculture, Food, Residents, Businesses, Cost of Living

2013 Conference Presentations

Panel 1 – Water Novices
What is in San Gabriel Valley’s Water? Jeff Helsley, Stetson Engineering, Inc.
Stormwater Pollution: Causes and Prevention – Aracely Lasso, PE, County of Los Angeles Dept. of Public Works
How Does a Water Treatment Plant Work? – Greg Galindo, La Puente Valley County Water District
Bottled Water vs. Tap Water – Conner Everts, Food and Watch Watch 

Panel 2 – Water Professionals
Update on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan – Randall Neudeck, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Recycled Water Program for Highly Treated Tertiary Water – Mike Sullivan, Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
Expanding Potable Reuse Opportunities with a New Approach – Shane Trussell, Trussell Technologies, Inc. 

Panel 3 – Water Novices
Quagga Mussels in the West – Ric DeLeon, Ph.D.
Overview of Colorado River Source Water Protection Issues Maria Lopez, PE, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Panel 4 – Water Professionals
San Gabriel Basin Groundwater Contamination and Clean Up Efforts Ken Manning, Water Quality Authority
Ion SEParation or Single Pass Ion Exchange Technology for Treatment of Percholorate? – Lynda Noriega, Valley County Municipal Water District
Hydraulic Fracturing and Groundwater: A Consultant’s Perspective Tim Parker, Parker Groundwater